Introduction of JJF II Type Flotation Equipment

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    JJF II Type Flotation Equipment simulates American Wemco floater, belonging to self-sucking machinery mixing floater. It adopts a deep star-shaped impeller with a radiant blade and round cylinder. The lower impeller is added with draft tube and the false bottom, which can make the tank bottom produce great circulation of slurry in order to prevent particle precipitation. It is suitable for sorting non-ferrous metals, dark metals and non-metallic minerals.

    JJF II type Flotation Equipment Description

    When the impeller rotates, there will be vortex generated in the vertical cylinder and the draft tube. This vortex forms negative pressure to absorb the air from the inlet suction to mix with the ore slurry absorbed through the draft tube in the area of the impeller and the stator. This mixture of slurry and gas moves in a tangent direction and then converts to radial movement by the stator to be evenly distributed in the flotation tank. Mineralized foams rise to the foam layer to producer foam products through unilateral or bilateral scraping.

    JJF type floater has no self-suction ability of slurry and the operation should be between the stepped configuration with a drop of 300 ~ 400mm. Foam pump should be set. Usually, JJF type floater and SF type floater could form a combined unit that takes SF type floater as the suction tank and JJF II type flotation equipment as direct current tank. In this way, the operation can be allocated horizontally without foam pump.

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